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Gardening, worm composting, and composting.


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Birdhouses, wood turnings, and other wood projects.

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Kids Observation Ecosystem Worm Farm

Updates: March 24, 2019 –Week 1 Observations As part of an experiment and learning experience for our kids, we picked up the “Kids Observation Ecosystem Worm Farm”. This kit comes with everything you need...


How to Handle Cactus

Cactus…the one plant many people like to avoid for obvious reasons. There are many different varieties of cactus. Some you can grab with your bare hands because the spines (glochids, which are little barbed...


Cleaning Up Cacti with Fart Extractors

Fart Extractors…We have all seen them and used them some point in our lives. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some are solid, some have very little surface area. Some are...


Simple Worm Casting Harvester

“What is a fast and easy way to collect worm castings?” This seems to be a question I see a lot through Facebook groups/pages and other websites on worm composting. I ask the same...


The Folger’s Birdhouse

I have, what I want to say is a small collection of, miscellaneous rusted metal parts from coffee cans to door knobs and many other things that I have found over the past few...


The Most Used Birdhouse in the Yard

This is the most used birdhouse in our yard. We built this birdhouse sometime around ten years ago. Unfortunately, it has pretty much come to the end of its life span and had to be...